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I became interested in the internet and online ventures in 1998.
I dabbled in building websites and blogs and learning all I could about
it takes to have online businesses and profit from them.

Let’s talk about the “real” possibilities to prosper online. There are
many of them.
I have learned many forms of Marketing, my favorite,
Relationship Marketing.
I learned the good and not so good about each.
You may have noticed I never say I learned to Sell. I learned to “Market”!

I mention Relationship Marketing because I believe when you take
the time
to make a friend first. They get to know, like and trust you
and they will remain
a friend for a long time. You get to Know their
wants and what they need.
They may even notice your lifestyle and
be interested in what you do.
When that happens and it does and
they join you in business you have a
long term business partner.

Relationship Marketing works. You create longevity for both you and
your new

As a Network Marketing Professional I have worked with some great
from various sectors of this industry. Great entrepreneurs and
people each and every one.