Building Credibility With Your Lists  Start by Building The Relationships

Building your own lists gives you a lot more credibility in the market.
Build your lists. Share with your lists. Teach your lists how to build
and share with their lists. You will find that you get a much more solid
partner base as your referrals USE and benefit from the tools. You will
find that your partners are more productive at referring because they
have the knowledge and can teach others how to get results.

Imagine how quickly your team can grow and how strong that team
will be when you have a bunch of your partners getting solid results
and growing their referrals as part of that process. Building the
Relationship first is vital for the longevity of this new partnership
you are developing.

Build your lists. Get results. Your belief will skyrocket and that will
make you a more effective business builder for you and your team!
When you are getting results you are more enthusiastic. This come
across in your daily activities. Others will see and feel the excitement.

I think we all do better when we are able to work together with a team
that is committed to our mutual successes. A good team focuses effort
on helping existing team members get good business results. But “team”
does not mean, “Join us and we will build your team”. It means “partner
with us and we will work together for everyone’s mutual successes!”

When someone joins your team because they know they can build a
very powerful business asset (their list) and they begin building that
list and they begin generating sales through that list … it make sense
that they would stay with you longer and even refer others based on
their own successes?

This is how longevity is accomplished. Remember the importance of
building that Relationship and Helping your new partners get
RESULTS by USING the tools that you guide them to while building
the Relationship.

Ken Pringle TRM

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