Relationship marketing is the very best, if not the only way to build
longevity in your business and in your life. I still have friendships
with people I met and built a business and relationship with back
in 1993.

That was a time of belly to belly marketing as it was called then.
I still went for the relationship marketing method rather than the 3
foot rule we were taught. I had already built several organizations
prior to discovering the relationship marketing strategy.

I can tell you from experience that did not work out very well.
I have built organizations with several different MLMs over the years.
That was without the relationship strategy. That is called recruiting.
I do not believe that strategy works very well for longevity.

The relationship marketing strategy on the other hand works and
is sustainable for many years. I was contacted by someone this
past week that I had developed a relationship with over 20 years
ago. That just confirmed once again that this works very well.

We were in business together back in 1994.The business fell apart
but our relationship survived.  She was not just a recruit, because
we built a friendship. Our families spent lots of quality time together.

This little story is very true and my intent is to show you relationship
marketing works very well. This is only one example. I have connections
because of relationship marketing from many different venues. We all
offer different valuable and beneficial insight to many different strategies.

Relationship marketing gives you the ability to connect with one ofyour friends for guidance on things that you know very little about.
We do not know, what we do not know, that we do not know.
But believe me it will come up eventually. That is when these great
friends you have connected with shine. They all are valuable assets,
and you are to them as well. Relationships like this are certainly two way.




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