Relationship marketing is about people connecting and sharing ideas and helping one another.
When you find that connection you form a bond. That bond can last a long time as long as both
parties are genuine, ethical, and moral and enjoy helping others have successes.
Not just in it for ME!

I have found a community online where just such new relationships are formed every day. People
giving a hand up to total strangers in the form of advice and guidance, and they are happy to help.
That is relationship marketing at its very best. This makes me proud to be a member with them.

If you are interested in implementing relationship marketing into your marketing strategies,
I strongly encourage this.

Start by asking yourself a couple of important questions.
1. Do I recruit people without knowing their names?
2. When people do sign up with me, do I follow up with them and let them know I am available to
guide them.

These are very important aspects of relationship marketing.
I never recruit people into anything. I make a friend and develop a relationship.
If they are lookingthey will ask what I do then
I will share with them. This will build longevity in friendships and in business ventures.

People do sign up with me from some of my other websites. This will happen to you as well. If you
have not experienced what I call blind sign ups yet, you will. I always make a point of contacting
them within 48 hours when possible. This way they know there is a real person behind the system
or program they signed up for or the software they have just purchased.

This gives me the chance to build a relationship with this new connection. This works very well.
People want the interaction with others. They also want to know they can get support when they
need it from a real person. Relationship!

People who do join people not products and companies build longevity in their friendships and
businesses. People join or purchase from people they know like and trust. Build the relationship,
the rest will follow. Will you build one today?
Remember that success is the journey, not the destination!




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