Relationship marketing is made up of, but not limited to the following. When you know someone, their moral and ethical beliefs. How they treat others around them and themselves. How they conduct their lives, personal and business. What they want out of life and how they plan to get it. What they have tried and how that worked for them. Their WHY? Why IS what they want important to them? What will they do when they have what they want? What it will feel like, what it will look like, what can they do with it, how can it benefit others?   fishing-for entrepreneurs During the process of you getting to know others they get to know you and your core values. You both learn to know, like and trust each other. You both learn what each other does for his lifestyle. Then you may get involved with each other in business. That is the marketing side of relationship marketing. When done this way you will have a strong lasting team made up of like minded friends. This works for all not just one and it is easy to duplicate. This is a lot of fun as well. Relationship marketing is all about making a friend first. That in itself is a win. When a friend becomes a business partner from RM, you have a long term business partner. That is a win win. Now you and your new business partner work together and help each other create the lifestyle you each want. That is a win win win! Power with the people. fishing-in boat   Now you and your partner are ready to build your futures. You simply repeat the formula as many times as you want to get what you all want by working together. That is true RM. that is the best way for everyone to get what they want and keep it long term. That creates a wonderful success journey. The methods of RM will be different with other people. That is why it is important to get to know each other first. You learn each others strong points and weaknesses. Then you can compensate and complement each other. That is so powerful when you implement it in your plan. When you do RM this way you create long term lasting friendships as well as very strong lifestyles for many people including you. fishing-Relationship   RM is about being willing to giving your hand of guidance expecting nothing in return. Reciprocation is often a natural occurrence. That is when you know it is all worthwhile, you have a friend. Do it again, it feels better each time you make a new friend. Remember it is a hand up not a hand out, that lasts longer. RM can create lifelong friendships if you let it. You will feel so good when you do this, you will be eager to do it again and again. Then you will teach others by example to do the same as you using RM as your professional guide line. This builds a strong force, a bond, each caring for the other. True RM successes you will enjoy each time someone you guided on their journey repeats what you did for them.  logo signature  

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